Meet your trainers!


Karen Holliday

54 year old national competitor with the National Physique Committee. She is a certified personal trainer and has been involved with the fitness industry for over 20 years. Karen also works as a National Physique Committee Judge. She is also certified in Life Coaching and specializes in helping people who are disappointed with their fitness journey, see the positive side of the experience. 

Karen has also worked with abused women, showing them that fitness can provide an avenue to once again feel good about themselves and put control back in their hands. 


Kevin Holliday

45 year old competitor in the National Physique Committee where he is also a NPC Judge . Kevin has been involved in the fitness community for over 20 years! He has owned his own fitness facility in the past and has continued to help people with their fitness journey. He is consultant for a hormone therapy clinic, a certified personal trainer, and is a very knowledgeable in nutrition.